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    JBoss-MQ – Problem in consuming message by MDB

    Hardew Singh Newbie

      Hello friends,

      I have configured and deployed MDB to consume messages from the remote queues; the remote queue is in Cluster Environment of JBoss ESB.

      JBoss ESB: -Server
      1. It is deployed on cluster environment
      2. JBoss Messaging is used
      3. Connection Factory - Custom Connection Factory

      JBoss: (Where MDB is deployed) - Client
      1. Not in cluster mode
      2. JBoss using the JBoss MQ

      MDB is able to receive messages from remote queues; however there is a problem I have experienced that is --
      If MDB is idle for long time as there are no messages on the queues, if messages are available in the remote queue after long time then MDB is not able to consume those messages.
      But when I restart the JBoss (where MDB has been deployed), MDB can consume those messages.

      Can anyone explain why it is behaving like this?