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    Context root errors

    a a Newbie

      I'm new to Jopr, so this could be something easy I'm missing. I'm using the basic Jopr install, trying to see what it can do.

      I want to change the context root of the Jopr Server web app when pointing the browser to it. Instead of / I want to use monitor (so the address will be localhost/monitor, instead of localhost/).

      I changed the context root value of the application.xml file. This worked for about half of the pages in the web app.
      Pages such as "Inventory" load but are missing css values, images, have broken links, etc. Some pages (such as Events), do not load at all.

      It seems I can fix the issues by going through the xhtml pages and adding a faces reference to the context root (#{facesContext.externalContext.requestContextPath}) but adding that extra link to a pile of xhtml pages does not seem to be the best course of action...

      what am I missing?

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          a a Newbie

          nm - i fixed it

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            mazz Master

            We didn't design the server to be modifiable like that, so you might hit some problems later on. We can't guarantee you will be able to do this in all the places you'll need (unsure if there are dynamically generated URLs in places in the code). Plus, if you do that, you won't be able to upgrade to newer versions of Jopr when released (without merging in your changes again).

            I think we had someone use mod_rewrite or some other apache module to do this (if you had Apache in front of the Jopr server). I don't know what they did, just know they were trying it - without changing the Jopr code.

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              a a Newbie


              "mazz" wrote:
              ...(unsure if there are dynamically generated URLs in places in the code)...

              They are mostly in the java portions of the code. Thats what made the changes tricky.