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    JOPR - User creation using stored procedures

    senthurkumaran masilamani Newbie

      Hi All,

      I am planning to automate the user creation process in Jopr. All the users will be assigned to default role (Role already created manually through administration option). The user information will be directly feed into JON database using stored procedures.

      There is an employee management system in our organization and all other applications are using common data from this system.

      My idea is to create a stored procedure which extracts data from Employee management system and create users with default pwd and default role.

      First Name : xyz
      Last Name : abc
      Email : xabc@mydomain.com
      pwd : password123
      username : xabc
      Role : Support Role (RHQ_Role.id=500252,RHQ_Role.Name=Support Role)

      I appreciate your further ideas.

      Thanks & Regards