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    "Measurement report contains no data - not sending to Server

    Fred Zhang Newbie

      I'm trying to add more redhat linux boxes and JBoss servers to my jopr server. I just met one more problem.

      I added a redhat linux box and the JBoss EAP server into my jopr server. The linux box and JBoss EAP server were discovered by the server, and they are shown as UP in the jopr server, the availability line is shown as green.

      But the "Recent Measurements" on the jopr server page are all empty. for example:
      1. for JBoss EAP server:
      Recent Measurements
      Active Thread Count:
      Active Thread Group Count:
      JVM Free Memory:
      JVM Max Memory:
      JVM Total Memory:
      Total Transactions per Minute:
      Transactions Committed per Minute:
      Transactions Rolledback per Minute:

      2. for redhat linux box:
      Recent Measurements
      Free Memory:
      Free Swap Space:
      System Load:
      Total Memory:
      Total Swap Space:
      Used Memory:
      Used Swap Space:
      User Load:

      I checked the debug logging of the agent, there are something like below:

      2009-05-17 19:31:11,557 INFO [MeasurementManager.sender-1] (rhq.core.pc.measurement.MeasurementCollectorRunner)- Measurement collection for [5] metrics took 8ms - sending report to Server...
      2009-05-17 19:31:41,557 DEBUG [MeasurementManager.sender-1] (rhq.core.pc.measurement.MeasurementCollectorRunner)- Measurement report contains no data - not sending to Server.

      How could this happen...any hints?

      Thanks in advance...