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    deleting virtual hosts

    josh temst Newbie

      Is there a way to delete virtual hosts in the apache inventory ?

      I have 2 virtual hosts showing up in the apache inventory page under child resources and I need to delete one that is not used anymore. There is a delete button here but no option to check the virtual host I want to delete. There is a single check box which would appear to be for selecting all the virtual hosts, but checking it and hitting delete does not do anything or throw any errors.

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          mazz Master

          this is RHQ-1516. can't do it today - because even if you uninventory it, if those resources still exist, they get re-discovered/imported the next time the plugin is asked to perform discovery.

          If the service resource (e.g. vhosts) really don't exist, I think there is a trick to do this - in the GUI URL, append "?debug=true" and I think they shows the uninventory button (???). I remember that used to be there, I'm not sure if that trick still works.