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    feature requests

    Oliver Hummel Newbie

      Hi folks,

      trying to setup and configure JON v2.2.0 the last days in our IT-environement I found a lot of things which should be optimized for production use.

      Please take a look at the following ideas - perhaps you can implement some of them in one of the next releases?

      - central download of patches

      It should be possible to use Jopr/JON as central download instance for patches. Within the GUI there should also shown which patches are online available and which patches already downloaded. There should be a config param for the download directory.

      - patching grouped JBoss Appservers

      Currently it is not possible to assign a patch a group of servers.
      It should be possible to group servers to environement types as development, QA, production and within this into sub-groups for special application-environements.

      - better logging for patch-process

      During the patch-process there should be a better logging of what is currently happen. In the current Jopr/JON-release there is only a status "runing" of "failed" but no more details. The logging should be available via Web GUI and also via a logfile in the filesystem for monitoring.
      There should be defined error states in the logfile so we can set up an alarming.

      - better support to rollback patches
      In the current release there is only a manually rollback available.
      The rollback feature must be available via the Web GUI and it should be done automaticly.

      - scripting support for content handling

      Using the CLI the content handling should be available via scripting.

      - scheduled patching

      It should be possible to plan patch-sessions via a scheduler.

      - backup for patched files

      Currently the backup-files are stored in the same directory were they changed with an ending *old.
      The backup-files should be placed in a seperate directory.