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    How to setup SNMP in JOPR which works with Nagios ?

    Stefan Jakl Newbie

      Hello Community
      I've got some real problems that SNMP will work with JOPR.

      First, I have an JOPR-server V 2.3.1 (Build 1212) which runs well without problems.
      Also my RHQ-agents where running well on my clients (Linux RH with JBoss).
      I can manage the my servers from JOPR. So far so good.

      Now I would like to enable SNMP for my Nagios-monitoring.

      The first step is that I Enable SNMP on the JOPR-webpage. I could enable the SNMP without a problem. (SNMP Server Configuration Properties)

      Now I've got a client with a service calles Trapd. The description is : " SNMP Trap receiver on <ServerName.com>"

      I tried to follow the instructions on without success:

      If I do an snmpget or snmpwalk with the OID's "", I recive just the error : RHQ-MIB::jboss = No Such Object available on this agent at this OID

      Can you provide a little help for me to setup snmp ?
      If you need more information, please let me know, then I can provide them asap.

      kind regards