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    Apache HTTP Server Version 2.2

    Joao Antunes Newbie


      I want monitor an Apache HTTP Server in Jopr. I installed Apache on a Machine Windows. The autodiscovery of Jopr found it, but give me the following error:

      Failed to start component for resource Resource[id=10554, type=Apache HTTP Server, key=C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2, name=pc Apache 2.2.14 (C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\), parent=Windows_Machine, version=2.2.14].

      I read the documentation in http://www.jopr.org/display/JOPR2/Managed+Product+Configuration. So i realized that this don't work to Jopr.

      What is necessary make to monitor an Apache HTTP Server in Jopr?


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          Ian Springer Master

          Apache support in Jopr is very limited. You can autodiscover Apache servers and monitor whether they are up or down. To do the latter, you'll need to edit the Apache server Resource's connection properties under its Inventory>Connection tab and set the 'url' property to some URL that can be "pinged" to check if the Apache server is running (e.g. http://myhost.com/index.html).

          To add support for collecting various request and response metrics, you'll need to purchase the JBoss Operations Network (JON) product, which includes the SNMP and Response-Time Apache modules. These modules cannot be included with Jopr, because they are not under an open-source license.


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            mazz Master

            but we would love it is someone came along and implemented a more OSS friendly apache connector that we could use to manage apache with :)

            integration with net-snmp or something of that sort