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    Getting started with eclipse?

    Brandon DeVries Newbie

      I'm new to GWT, and only a little bit more experienced with jbpm3. I'm now trying to take a look at jbpm4 and the accompanying GWT-console. Trying to get everything set up as an eclipse project is proving to be more difficult that i would have thought. Eclipse with the GWT plugin provided a good start to run through the GWT tutorial project (http://code.google.com/webtoolkit/tutorials/1.6/gettingstarted.html) and get an initial handle on things. Trying to move on to the jbpm4 GWT-console hasn't been as easy.

      At this point, my goal is basically to add a simple new editor (which i think is the correct terminology) to the console. I have the console running, so i have a general idea of what it is capable of. However, what advice does anyone have for getting a basic development environment set up in eclipse?