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    jbpm-console login process issued a wrong resteasy call

    washa wu Newbie

      I deployed the jbpm4.1 examples, gwt-console-server and jbpm-console onto a Websphere 7.0 server. Everything seams working fine except jbpm-console. My jbpm-console can communicate with gwt-console-server to validate user id and password. It can tell if the user id and password are valid or not. But it failed after I entered a valid user id and password. Following is the list of console server communication calls/responses:

      1. jbpm-console called http://localhost:9081/gwt-console-server/rs/identity/sid/invalidate. Server responded: 200 OK.
      2. jbpm-console called: http://localhost:9081/gwt-console-server/rs/identity/sid. Server responded: 200 OK.
      3. jbpm-console called: http://localhost:9081/gwt-console-server/rs/identity/secure/sid . Server responded: 200 OK.
      4. jbpm-console called: http://localhost:9081/gwt-console-server/rs/identity/secure/j_security_check?j_password=password&j_username=alex.
      Server responded: 302 Found.
      5. jbpm-console issued an invalid resteasy call: http://localhost:9081/gwt-console-server/rs/identity/sucure/. Server responded: 405 Method Not Allowed.

      Can someone please answer my questions:

      1. What is wrong with my jbpm-console program, how to fix it?
      2. In which program these resteasy calls are made?
      3. Can I deploy the jbpm-console war file on a separate server, how to setup the server reference address?

      Thank you very much.

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          Heiko Braun Master

          What steps did you follow to setup jbpm on websphere? Can you execute the examples? AFAIK jbpm installation on websphere has not been tested.

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            washa wu Newbie

            Thanks for your quick reply. I was able to deploy jbpm4.1 on WebSphere7.0 after struggling with WebSphere custom registry setup to adapt the jbpm access control. Without making any changes to the jbpm-console.war, gwt-console-server.war and following the instruction, now I am able to run most of the functions on the jbpm-console.

            The only problem I found is that I cannot re-login to the console without clearing bowser history on Firefox, on IE, I have to restart the browser every time to login. When I try to login the 2nd time on FF, I am getting this response: http://localhost:9081/gwt-console-server/rs/identity/sucure/ 405 Method Not Allowed, in FireBug. It seams like the gwt-console-server login information or cookies information is not being cleared after every login. Please help to identify this problem. Also please tell me how to deploy and configure the jbpm-consol onto a separate server, if possible. Do you have a document on the security setup?

            I have a thought about the jbpm build-in security mechanism. Most of the features in jbpm are very easy to deploy and use, except the console security. Security feature should be packaged as a separate add-on, plug-in, i.e. using Spring security. If an open source project is developed as application server independent, it will quickly increase its popularity and adaptability.

            Thank you and best regards.

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              Heiko Braun Master

              There is nothing special about the GWT console security. It simply uses JAAS. Take a look at the web.xml, IMO it's self explaining.