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    Notes on building Errai on Linux (Fedora)

    Asgeir Frimannsson Newbie

      In case someone else is checking out the source code and trying to build on a linux-based system:

      The JBoss maven repository doesn't have GWT 2.0 artifacts for linux, so I built that myself [1]. GWT trunk has now changed to use a platform-independent jar for gwt-dev, so I also had to change all references to gwt-dev-${platform}.

      To be able to use it nicely with Eclipse, it is also helpful to configure the maven eclipse plugin to add the GWT-project nature, as described here [2]

      [1] http://asgeirf.blogspot.com/2009/10/building-maven-artifacts-for-gwt-200.html

      [2] http://asgeirf.blogspot.com/2009/10/configuring-maven-based-gwt-projects.html