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BlackTie administration

Tom Jenkinson Master

Hi guys,

I just wanted to give you a heads up on some of the administrative capabilites that we are introducing into BlackTie in version 2.0

All the operations will be available from the following interfaces:
Administration GUI

Here's the list of operations:

Domain operations:
getServersList: Get the list of all server names
listRunningServers: Get the list of running servers connected to this JBoss AS instance
pauseDomain: Suspend services on all servers
resumeDomain: Resume services on all servers (only those services that were previously paused are resumed)
getServersStatus: This works like getServersList, listRunningServers and listRunningInstanceIds all in one



reloadDomain: This operation causes all servers in the domain to halt, update their configuration and restart

Server operations:
listRunningInstanceIds(Server name): Get the ids of the running servers
shutdownServer ([id]): Shutdown all running instances (optionally constrained by an id)
reloadServer: Halt the server, update its configuration, restart server
advertise(service name): Advertise the service at the server
unadvertise(service name): Unadvertise the service at the server
pauseServer: Suspend services
resumeServer: Resume services that were paused in pauseServer
getServiceCounter(Service name [id]): Get the number of requests processed for a specific service
listServiceStatus([service name] [id]): Get the status of the services at the server (optionally restricted by a service name or server id)



Although this list is not definitive as we are still adding operations all the time, if you see anything you think we have missed please let me know!