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    ConnectionFactoryLoader for DefaultDS

    Corby Page Newbie

      Hi there,

      I have read through the JBossCX chapter in the excellent new JBoss Book, but I am still missing a fundamental piece.

      I have defined a default data source in my .jcml file, as follows:


      As far as I can tell, whenever I ask JNDI for one of these XADataSource objects it goes through the appropriate connection factory. It pools properly, works great in transactions, etc.

      The comments in my .jcml file tell me that I am getting the connection from the following defined connection factory:

      <!-- Connection factory for the Minerva JDBC resource adapter. This
      points at the same database as DefaultDS. -->


      But I don't see how the data source and the connection factory are related. My data source never references MinervaDS or ConnectionFactoryLoader, so I don't understand how my request for this data source is getting delegated to this connection factory. I would greatly appreciate an explanation of this.