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    JMX newbie having trouble with JNDIMap example in 3.0

    Terry Ray Newbie

      Maybe I'm not setting this up correctly. I am trying to run the JMX example from the JBoss 2.4x docs just to get my feet wet with JMX. I compiled the example using the JBoss 2.4x jboss.jar file. But, I actually tried to deploy it in 3.0 where it did pick up the service file (hot deploy...cool!) but I got a NoClassDefFoundError on org/jboss/util/ServiceMBeanSupport. I checked the jboss.jar in my 3.0 installation. Sure enough, no ServiceMBeanSupport class.

      Odds are, I've done something stupid here as this is my first pass at JMX. Am I missing a jar file? Maybe I should be looking at some different docs for JMX in 3.0? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

      BTW, I used the source that came with the 2.4x documentation and used a service.xml file as there is no jcml file (correct?) in 3.0.