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    Loading JMX from Tomcat Question

    John Moore Newbie

      I am trying to use the jboss startup code to launch various MBeans from inside tomcat. In this instance I need to run tomcat by itself not embedded in jboss (unfortunately). I wanti to use just the JBoss Pooler code (which required at a minimum JDBCProvider, JDBCDataSource and Naming).

      I have a servlet that has that includes the initialization stuff in the init method.

      If I do it the jboss way (point at jboss.conf, load the mlets and then loads the mbeans via the mlet via Configuration and ServiceControl) everyhing shows up the first time. However the second time the servlet is called nothing but JMXAdaptor and RMIController show up in JNDI. The log4j DEBUG messages show that multiple java:/datasource are bound and there are no exceptions thrown.

      Now if I create the MBeans, and invoke methods on from within the init method myself everything works. I could not get the pooler to work directly as a tomcat resource and this, I though, was going to be a simple task.


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          marc fleury Master


          just remove what you don't want from the jcml and start up with the jboss.jcml. Having Tomcat inside JMX or the other way around is mostly empty words.

          3.0 takes that view, that "jboss" is really the JMX stuff and bare microkernel loaders and this way "jbossEJB" is an advanced container.

          What is the problem with launching the Main.java from jboss?