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    When is jboss-auto.jcml loaded?

    Don Laidlaw Newbie

      JBoss 2.4.4
      I was attempting to use the jboss-auto.jcml file documented in the on-line web pages. I created a base jboss-auto.jcml and stopped and started jboss and the config was written there. The config is also written to jboss-auto.jcml when I use saveConfiguration on the Configuration MBean.

      The on-line doc says that jboss-auto is loaded when JBoss starts. I did not see that behaviour. I only see jboss-auto being overwritten when jboss starts.

      I browsed the code in org.jboss.configuration.ConfigurationService.java and in org.jboss.Main.java but cannot see anywhere in there that actually reads jboss-auto.jcml.

      Am I missing something? I would really like to be able to start JBoss with the changes in jboss-auto used before jboss-auto is overwritten.

      Saving that, a good way to have jboss update its jboss.jcml file would be useful.

      Any hints?