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    JBoss resizer

    Iulian Radulescu Newbie

      Hi there

      I've got a new problem. Sometimes, when the resizer is called, it blocks the application and the server. The server does not respond anymore to the application's calls and only execute resizing tasks. After it does that, it starts passivating beans that normally should be used by the application.

      I think it's a problem of setting the right parameters in standardjoss.xml. Have any idea what should i do?

      Thanks, Iulian.

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          Adrian Brock Master

          I think you'll find the server has already stopped before
          the resizer runs. The resizer is just a background task
          that does garbage collection of pools.

          1) There is a known problem with the JVM on linux
          (possibly only in some versions of the 2.4 kernel) with
          thread control. (There is a long discussion in the EJB
          forum from last week). It seems to be part fixed in
          2) I've seen it reported that running from the Windows
          shell blocks the server (it goes to sleep) but then
          you wouldn't see the resizer message. I've never seen
          this on XP.
          3) It could be a blocking problem with your application
          or configuration.

          What versions do you have (jboss/jvm/os)?