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    JMX book on Amazon

    jason boutwell Newbie

      Since the author(s) frequent this forum, I hope they may provide some guidance.

      I'm thinking of ordering the JMX book written by the JBoss Group, which starts shipping from Amazon on Tuesday (2/2/02).

      However, I typically like to see a detailed TOC to get a good idea of what the book covers, so I may decide if it would be useful for me, a newbie to JMX who wants to learn more.

      I would love a book goes beyond simply reciting the spec, and instead provides a practical case study with concise examples and solid, readable explanations as to the why's and how's of JMX.

      Is the TOC, description, or perhaps a sample chapter somewhere online? Usually such info is on the Amazon page, but not for this book for some reason.

      -- jason

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          jason boutwell Newbie

          like i was saying, the book comes out on 2/5/02.

          -- jason

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            marc fleury Master

            Here is what is on the back of the book
            Since most of it was written by juha, I will copy :)

            -Master the JMX API and JMX elements including
            .Starndard MBeans, Dynamic MBeans and Model MBeans
            .The MBean Server
            .Agent Services including Timer, Monitoring, Relation, and the M-Let Service

            - Work through example implementations of JMX connectors including
            . RMI, JMS and SOAP conenctors
            . Agent discovery through JNDI

            - Explore a full-featured and easy to extend Model MBean implementation (marcf note: this is the XMBean stuff, I am actually reading it myself, it is killer stuff, we are going to use it everywhere in JBoss, if anything this justifies buying the book almost by itself, really)

            - Integrate SNMP with JMX

            - Discover the J2EE Management Specification (JSR77)

            - Navigate the JBoss application server JMX architecture

            really the spec coverage is impecable if not *too* detailed (at least for my taste) and there are too many things in the examples but they really are exhaustive. The XMBean stuff is just plain cool.


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              jason boutwell Newbie

              Thanks for the summary and opinion. i'm sure I'll end up purchasing the book. $28 is a good price for a quality read.

              When the author is the JBoss Group, that automatically gives a book legitimacy, IMHO.

              Keep up the strong effort! Developers in corporate America, such as myself, are spreading the good word.

              BTW, that is a very interesting and informative interview you gave for serverside.com.

              -- jason