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    Adding a MBean at deployment time ?

    Franck Routier Newbie


      I'm still trying to understand a lot of things, so I hope my question is not too stupid. Thanks for your patience :-)

      I want to use jboss-castorjdo to allow my EJB to use Castor DataSource factories as a resource.

      To do so, I have to register CastorJDOImpl MBean in JBoss. I managed to do it at JBoss startup-time, as explained here http://www.jboss.org/developers/jboss-castor.jsp .
      But I would like my application to be a little more self-contained. So what I would like to do is register the MBean at my application's deploy time. I even would like jboss-castorjdo.jar to be in my jar/war/ear, as well as the database.xml configuration file.

      Is this possible, or even a good idea ?