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    Accessing JMX admin

    Ian Hunter Newbie

      Sorry to bother...

      Everytime I bring up port 8082, all functions are protected with Javascript message...'Exposed for management'.

      This includes MBeans I've created! What do I do to unlock this? (BTW: This is Version 2.4.4 with Jetty)

      Many Thanks
      Ian Hunter

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          Adrian Brock Master

          This is a function of using Standard MBeans.
          There is no mechanism to provide a description,
          the message you have is the default.

          If you use DynamicMBeans or ModelMBeans, you
          can provide a description.


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            Adrian Brock Master

            I just re-read your question, I didn't read it properly
            the first time :-)

            For operations supported by the html adaptor, you should
            get a button to execute the operation. The link you
            describe is just the description of the operation.

            For attributes, change the values and press the "apply"