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    simple service

    Perryn Fowler Newbie

      Hi - I think I know the answer here but I just want to check I'm not missing anything. I am using 2.4.4

      I want to write a simple MBean to start up a service to
      be used by my app. All it does is instantiate a class and then bind it so it is available via JNDI. It is very similar to the example provided in the JBoss doco except that I bind a custom class into JNDI instead of a HashMap.

      I put my custom classes in a jar in lib/ext and everything works fine. The problem is I want to deploy these classes as part of my app ( ie in app.ear in the deploy directory) rather than as a seperate chunk. This doesnt work since when the MBean is initialized stuff in the deploy directory is not yet loaded.

      As I understand it to do this I need JBoss 3.0 and it hot deploy capability, but for various reasons we are not ready to upgrade just yet.
      Is this correct - is there anyway to do this with 2.4.4?