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    XMBean moaning

    Trevor Squires Novice


      yes I take your point. It *is* taking a long time but that's because I can't break stuff that already works (no matter how badly).

      It's only been the past few days that I've fully grokked a way to resolve all of the issues for XMBeans and how they interact with the JBossMX agent and any other JMX agent.

      I am busting my butt here so please give me a little breathing space. Between now and Sunday night things will be trickling into place in CVS.


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          yes you're right,

          however, what has happened now is a parallel process has been turned into a serialized one

          and I don't like serialization

          Lesson to be learned, branch the cvs tree if you work on something that prevents others to continue with their work


          -- Juha