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    setManagedResource prior to setModelMBeanInfo

    Trevor Squires Novice

      Implementation tests are blowing up because setManagedResource is being called before setModelMBeanInfo.

      The spec says that setManagedResource:

      Sets the instance of the object against which to execute all operations in this model MBean management interface (metadata and descriptors).

      Which indicates to me that you can't set the resource until you've set the metadata (setModelMBeanInfo).

      Is this a correct assumption?


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          I don't think it is at all clear that that part of the spec dictates the order at which these two methods must be called. The only clear requirement I can get from the spec is that both the resource reference and the MBean metadata must be set before the MBean is registered to the server.

          Since it is not explicit in the spec, I think it would be a mistake from a code portability point of view to enforce any order in this case.

          -- Juha