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    New MBean causes JBoss to log excessively

    Cornel Masson Newbie


      My MBean runs successfully in JBoss. However, since I've added it, JBoss seems to spew out an enormous amount of additional information to the console.

      Here is an extract of the original log showing a JBoss MBean being initialized:

      [JNDIView] Initializing
      [JNDIView] Initialized

      Here is the extract once I've added my own Mbean - suddenly much more is logged (my MBean was initialized earlier).

      [JNDIView] Initializing
      [Default] 4757 [JBossMain] INFO org.jboss.naming.JNDIView - Initializing
      [JNDIView] Initialized
      [Default] 4757 [JBossMain] INFO org.jboss.naming.JNDIView - Initialized

      Any help would be appreciated.