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    CVS Branched


      The CVS has been branched for 1.0 stable branch and 1.1 development branch (main). CVS tag for 1.0 is RelMX_1_0_0_0, main trunk is currently tagged RelMX_1_1_0_0.

      -- Juha

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          Also, the branch tag is BranchMX_1_0 (when you want to update your tree between the main and 1.0 branch HEAD).

          For changes in javax.management package, please use the revision javadoc template shown in http://www.jboss.org/developers/guide/codestyle.jsp

           * <p><b>Revisions:</b>
           * <p><b>yyyymmdd author:</b>
           * <ul>
           * <li> explicit fix description (no line numbers but methods)
           * go beyond the cvs commit message
           * </ul>
           * eg:
           * <p><b>20010516 marc fleury:</b>
           * <ul>
           * <li> Ask all developers to clearly document the Revision,
           * changed the header.
           * </ul>

          You should do this on all files in the javax.* package as they should be pretty stable by now. Using it on other packages is optional as they're changing alot more often.

          Last, when committing changes to the 1.1 dev branch, add a change note to the SF tracker so we can keep track of changes between 1.0 and 1.2 releases.

          -- Juha

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            Adrian Brock Master

            Hi Juha,

            What's the policy on applying changes for 1.0?
            Is it only fixes?
            No major changes unless they are required to fix the
            Do we still write a changelog if we apply the fix to 1.0?

            I've got a couple of fixes for the relation service
            that I found last night - including using invoke to
            setRole(Role) ;-)
            I'm a bit happier now, I think the relation service is
            working, error checking tests next...


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              fixes and feature enhancements can be applied to 1.0 branch, but keep new functionality in the development branch.