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    JBossMX 1.0 Beta Release!


      You can download it from sourceforge

      This beta release includes the JMX 1.0 specified functionality -- all standard services: MLet, Monitoring, Relation and Timer services, queries, advanced logging, bytecode optimized FAST invocations for Standard MBeans, etc.

      Please take it for a spin and report bugs/omissions.

      Special thanks to Trevor and Adrian for their hard work.

      -- Juha

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          Guy Rouillier Newbie

          Is this meant only for 3.0, or should I be able to use it with 2.4.x? Here is what I did: renamed jmxri.jar to jmxri.bak. Put jboss-jmx.jar in jboss-2.4.3\lib. Ran run.bat, got class not found on javax/management/RuntimeMBeanException. So I then modified run.bat and added jboss-jmx.jar to the JBOSS_CLASSPATH. Now I get class not found on com/sun/management/jmx/Trace. So finally I put jmxri.jar back. But now I don't know if I'm using jboss-jmx.jar at all.

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            Trevor Squires Novice

            Ok, there are two issues here - the first is that some of the reachable classes (html adapter) need the sun Trace class. As such, both jboss-mx and jmxri need to go into the JBOSS_CLASSPATH (in that order).

            However, jbossmx enforces the rule that attribute getters and setters should not be available to a server.invoke() call. The Sun RI does not enforce this which meant that there's a lot of code in JBoss that breaks this rule.

            IMHO, you're unlikely to get older JBoss versions running with JBossMX.


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              Trevor Squires Novice


              Rather than "there's a lot of code in JBoss that breaks this rule" I *really* meant:

              There's probably a lot of code 2.4.X that breaks this rule.

              I remember Adrian B. put a lot of effort cleaning these things up but I'm pretty sure it was only in the HEAD.