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    New/Changed JCA connection factory

    John Moore Newbie

      Is it possible to change properties related to a JCA connection factory and have them take effect without restarting jboss? I am using JBoss 2.4.4 with Embedded Tomcat 3.2.3 and would like to be able to modify connections to databases using the JMX interface on the fly. Currently, when I change a property (e.g. connectionURL) and stop/start the mbean I get a connection failure. My greater goal is to create new database entries on the fly. We are using the MinervaXACMFactory for our work. Our web app currently can switch between databases and I would like to be able to add new connections on test/production servers without bringing down the app server and all of the active users.

      Also, does the save method on the Configuration service work for dynamically added services. I don't see any change to the jboss.jcml file after I try to save.

      John Moore

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          John Moore Newbie

          More Info
          Looking at the log some more it looks like after I start the mbean I have a problem with Property values 2-N. Say for example I have the data field for Property that reads:
          UserName=john Password=moore Driver=com.X.Driver ConnectionURL=java:...., a message that Password, Driver and ConnectionURL are not set. The first one always works, everything else blows. Is there a format/delimeter that needs to go between these? I tried comma, comma-space and space to no avail.

          I though I remember seeing a posting on this but couldn't find a reference. Anyone recall this problem?


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            Adrian Brock Master

            Lots of questions :-)

            The property config requires new lines.

            I don't think the MBean supports on the fly changes.

            jboss.jcml is only processed at server start

            There was some processing to save on the fly config
            changes and re-use them at next server start. I'm not
            sure when this was removed or why.


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              John Moore Newbie

              I was hoping to figure a way to get the String to magically translate back to properties format when I applied the change through the HTML interface. I tried to embed CR, LF, CR/LF characters into the field with no success. I'm pretty sure this can be done through the adaptor was just hoping not to create a new UI for this. I figure I have to stop/start the service (which seems to work, if I don't apply changes the service stops and starts and I can use the connection).