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    JMX Access to EJBs with security constraints?

    Neal Sanche Newbie

      Hi All,

      I've been happily working with JBoss 3 mostly from CVS releases, and am looking at a problem I had solved (mostly) from within JBoss 2.4.4.

      I want to know if it's recommended to use EJBs from within MBeans? Are MBeans allowed access to the 'local' interfaces of EJBs? How can I write an MBean that is able to call methods on an EJB that are protected by JAAS security domains where I don't have direct control of the users and roles (they exist in a corporate LDAP). Is there a way for EJBs to recognize my MBean as having a particular 'role' within the application?

      Thanks for any time you can give, if you've solved this kind of thing and know the mantra.