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    how to extend a class

    Jinson Abraham Newbie

      Hi all,
      i have made some changes in the source of the rich:tab renderer,
      file name (org.richfaces.renderkit.html.TabHeaderRenderer.java) in the function writeLabel() to achive a look and feel which otherwise would not have been possible through the attributes of richfaces.(i have added the html tags and in the that contains the label).

      I have achieved the look & feel but now i would like to write a class of my own that would maybe extend this class or some other tab render class where i will write only my changes and bundle it in a separate jar. the rest of the things should be taken from the existing renderer of richfaces. I'm trying to do this cause in future if i have new version of richfaces(with extra features) then i don't have to again chance the new richfaces source to get what i want and make a new jar. i will directly deploy the new jar and have my changes.

      can anybody please help me out with it?

      thanks & regards