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    RAR (Hot)Deployment

    Andre Anneck Newbie

      Hi there,

      I have been trying to get hot undeploy/deploy of a RAR running. First attempts to simply delete the .rar and wait for the deploy-thread failed. Sending deploy/undeploy commands over the http//localhost:8082 JMX interface are failing too. Well they are triggerd and executed but new classes inside the .rar are not recognized.

      The Problem seems to be that the deployer always takes the same *.class files out of the .jar file inside the .rar archive. If I change settings inside ra.xml (inside the .rar), the new settings are loaded correctly after undeploy/deploy. But the compiled classes are not refreshed.

      My .rar archive is organised like this:


      Interesting is that after undeploy/deploy action new values inside ra.xml are correctly parsed and used. But no matter what I change inside foo-lib.jar, the changes are not applied.

      Any pointers?

      Take care,


      P.S.: I hope this is the right forum if not please give advice where to post.