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    Remote JBoss Startup

    Paul Casanova Newbie

      I have an ISP running JBoss/Tomcat on his webserver for me, and he knows little about it. I am using Tea templates (WDIG opensource product)for the presentation layer of my web sites rather than jsp, and this requires a server restart each time context classes for the templates are recompiled.
      I can shut down JBoss via the 8082 port no problem, but is there any way (RMI etc) to start it up remotely, so that I don't have to wait for my ISP to start it up again for me?

      I have tried writing RMI apps to run the batch file without success - I either get errors, or the call just finishes and exits without result. Calling Runtime.exec() and passing in the parameters in the jboss/tomcat startup batch files has some success, but has a fatal error part way through.

      I have included the RMI app it's startup batchfiles if anyone's interested.
      Looking forward to an answer.