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    The future of logging?

    moschen Newbie

      Hi, i am at the beginning of a project and I am trying to figure out the best way for logging. I started with log4j, because it is allready shiped with jboss. But then I got a little bit confused, because i downloaded the newest verison of log4j and found the following sentence in the api-docs for the class Category:

      This class has been deprecated and replaced by the Logger subclass. It will be kept around to preserve backward compatibility until mid 2003

      Hmmm, now that i read this, i thought about using the logging-api provided by the jdk 1.4 to prevent me from running into problems in the future, but when i am trying to add my own logging handlers i allways get a classNotFound exception.

      Well, maybe someone could give me a hint about the best way to implement logging.

      Best regards,

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          Adrian Brock Master


          Category is log4j <= 1.2
          Logger is log4j >= 1.2

          log4j is changing the names to be more like
          the java 1.4 logging

          The java 1.4 logging only works with java 1.4+
          which means in future it will always be there, but
          many people won't be in the future for a while. :-)

          log4j is more mature, has better functionality, runs
          on java 1.1 and is open source.