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    ordering of JMX MBeans in JCML

    Andrew Sharpe Newbie

      Anyone see any problem with moving the JMX Adaptor MBeans (JMXAdaptorService, RMIConnectorService, HtmlAdaptorServer) up higher in the JCML file, specifically right above the EmbeddedCatalinaServiceSX MBean? They are currently quite a bit below the Catalina MBean but I need them to be before because I have a servlet that I need to load-on-startup (which obviously the Catalina MBean would do) and that servlet does "new RMIClientConnectorImpl(serverJNDIName)" (which the JMXAdaptorService MBean would do) in its init method.

      Obviously if the JMX MBean is below the Catalina MBean then the init method of the servlet will fail because the JMX MBean will not have been started yet.

      It seems to work ok (once I make the move) but I just want to make sure I won't be causing big trouble in JBoss later on :)