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    Whats the difference between jmxri.jar, jboss-jmx-core.jar .

    Ritesh Newbie


      Can anyone tell me whats the difference/significance of these jmx related jars that are included in jboss and if they are pretty much independent or not?

      1. jmxri.jar
      2. jboss-jmx-core.jar
      3. jboss-jmx-services.jar
      4. JbossMX.jar ?



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          Adrian Brock Master


          jmxri.jar is Sun's reference implementation of jmx1.0
          the only reason this is included with JBoss is because
          Sun's HTML apadter requires some debug classes from this
          Sun's reference implementation is a bit buggy,
          look at the JBossMX testsuite, jmxri fails more than
          40 tests :-(
          jboss-jmx.jar (point 4) is our implementation. Much better :-)
          jboss-jmx.jar = jboss-jmx-core.jar + jboss-jmx-services.jar

          jboss-jmx-core.jar is our implementation minus "optional" services. The spec doesn't regard them as optional.

          jboss-jmx-services.jar are the "optional" services.