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    Bouncing JBoss remotely

    Paul Casanova Newbie

      Is there anyway to update the jboss.jcml file (for example when a new database is created and ejb's are to be deployed for it) and have the changes (ie new database/datasource added with appropriate username/password) take effect, without completely shutting down JBoss and restarting? The reason for this is that JBoss is running on my ISP's web server, and restarting is a real pain to arrange. Shutdown isn't a problem via the web, but restart is, so an alternative would be really handy.

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          Adrian Brock Master

          JBoss3 has support for hot-deploying services.

          Using JBoss2 you will to code this yourself.
          This involves stopping/destroying the service yourself,
          then duplicating the code from org.jboss.Main to
          load a jboss.jcml fragment into the server using the
          mlet, configuration and service control mbeans.