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    Logging in Mbeans

    Joel Rosi-Schwartz Newbie


      My platform is JBoss-2.4.3_Tomcat-4.0 on Linux Red Hat 7.2.

      I have implemented a custom MBean by extending ServiceMBeanSupport. I have a few informational messages using log.log(), log.debug() and log.error(). None of these show up in log/server.log. There are several possibilties that occur to me:
      1) the logging facility in MBeans is not hooked into the log4j output;
      2) am I looking in the wrong place for it;
      3) I am doing something wrong;
      4) the log facility in MBeans is not working.

      Essentially all I want to accomplish is to out messages into sever.log like the other services do, something along the lines of:

      [McKoiDB] Starting database
      [McKoiDB] Started database

      Your suggestions would be appreciated.