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    cannt register MBean (JNDI ,EJB,JBossMX but no JBoss!)

    bounz Newbie

      i have one EJB,and MBean expose EJB's Method,i want registe mbean,but i cannt, who can help me

      home:public interface HelloWorldHome extends EJBHome
      session:public class HelloWorldBean implements sessionBean
      remote IF:public interface HelloWorld extends HelloWorldMBean
      Mbean:public interface HelloWorldMBean extends EJBObject

      i deploy EJB on sun reference ap server,not JBoss,and JNDI name is HelloWorld

      The agent which use JBossMX:
      Object objref = ctx.lookup("corbaname:iiop:1.2@xx.xx.xx.xxx:1050#HelloWorld");
      HelloWorldHome home =
      (HelloWorldHome)PortableRemoteObject.narrow(objref, HelloWorldHome.class);
      HelloWorld helloBean = home.create();
      mbeanObjectName = new ObjectName(domain + ":type=HelloWorld");

      The error msg:

      onFailedError: javax.management.NotCompliantMBeanException: Class does not expos
      e a management interface: _HelloWorld_Stub