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    Difference between MLET and MBean

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      I just went through the JBoss (2.4.4) conf files , and found that the core MBeans are deployed as MLet's and the others are deployed as just MBeans.

      Can somebody let me know the major advantages/disadvantages over deploying as an MLET/MBean.

      And found that the core MLet's seems to have been converted into MBeans in Jboss 3.0. Can somebody throw some light on this? So that I could decide upon deploying my MBeans as MLet Vs MBeans or rather I can design my applications with much better perspective.


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          Andreas Schaefer Apprentice


          Maybe you should consider reading the JMX spec. or Juha's great JMX book.

          MLET is a difficult way of the JMX spec. to dynamically load MBeans. JBoss uses a more advanced, XML-based way to load MBeans (named attributes instead of constuctor arguments, advanced life-cycle etc.).
          NOTE that JBoss 2.4 uses this feature already (have a look into jboss.jcml).