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    Remote Deployment

    Manfred Regele Newbie


      I would like to have/do "remote deployment" into
      jboss (via tool XY):

      - .ear/war./.xml is on my local machine
      - calling XY via commandline/ant/web-interface
      - XY doing a (http?) upload of the file(s)
      - XY puts files into /deploy
      - done ?!

      After scanning some posts there seems noe ready to use
      utility/webapp to do this [JMXConsole+Deployer does not
      upload the files] ?

      What would be the best way to do this:

      - a webapp that does an upload and stores the
      file into /deploy (autodeployer will do the rest)

      - an utility that passes the file to the
      deployer-jmx (ByteStream or whatever it accepts)
      via rmi

      In addition I could create an ant-task that could
      call the above solution