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    JBoss 3.0.0 deploying mbeans

    Carmen Bastiaans Newbie

      I have created an MBean and deployed it in default\deploy\testScheduler.jar, and created testsch-service.xml which is as follows:

      JBoss loads the xml file first and says everything was deployed successfully, however testScheduler.jar which contains "com.foo.TestScheduler" has not been deployed at this stage and according to the QuickStart3.0Draft documentation:

      "If you attempt to deploy an mbean whose class is not loaded, the configuration information is put on a waiting list. When the class becomes available due to some additional deployment, your mbean will be deployed."

      Therefore the TestScheduler is never started, and it isn't displayed at http://localhost:8082, the only way I can actually start it is to redeploy the xml file.

      Is there any other way?


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          Rudi Fillet Newbie

          Your *-service.xml file should contain a reference to the jar file containing your class. See page 74 of the QuickStart3.0Draft documentation.

          An other way would be to use a SAR file (can be a copy of your jar file with the *-service.xml file added as jboss-service.xml in \META-INF). Also described on page 74.