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    env-entries and the likes

    John M. Nordgaard Newbie

      Been trying to "hot-change" the value of an EJB environment entry belonging to a deployed bean. Obviously, having to manually edit the <env-entry>
      element in ejb-jar.xml before rebuilding the jar file and redeploying it pretty much beats the purpose of environment entries alltogether, since this requires the use of developer tools not readily accessible to the average systems administrator... Is there a way to alter the value of a given env-entry after the enterprise bean is deployed inside JBoss?

      Similarly: I have a session bean which queries a rather large database. Problem is, I have several databases to query and wanna be able to "switch" between them without having to redeploy the bean or restart the server. How can I change which mysql-service is mapped to "java:comp/env/jdbc/VardeDS" while the server is running?

      Are there tools available for such management operations?

      - John -