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    how to secure jmx rmi?

    Matt Pease Newbie

      Hello every body in da house!

      How can I completely secure access to all jmx items?

      I can secure the JMX web console, no problemo.

      But how to secure the the JMX RMI? I don't want no ugly freaks running my JMX!

      & what about the mbean itself? does it have a remote interface? Can't it be controlled from a different box then?

      Is there any way to just turn off all outside connections to ejbs / rmi?? (disallow any connections that aren't from localhost?)

      Thanks a ver much -

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          Adrian Brock Master

          Hi, how is Prague, a bit wet?

          the ejbs and rmi adaptor are only available through
          jndi, that is what you want to secure.

          One solution is to use a firewall that blocks the port,
          1099 by default.

          A more complicated solution would be to use secure
          sockets in the jndi service, there is information
          on this config in the quickstart guide.