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    JMX RMI Connector/Adaptor (Beginner)

    Ryan Cuprak Newbie

      I am trying to access my mbeans from a remote application (actually will be a unit test to check functionality) and thought the best way to accomplish this was the RMI connector/adaptor. My first inclination was to use java.rmi.Naming.list("") to get a list of the bound objects (exploratory). However, I did not know the port or if this is the correct way given the other posts to this forum. Do I use the normal "RMI method" or do I use the "RMIConnectorImpl" which I am not quite sure how it works. Also, in one of the posts I got the impression that the mbeans where in jndi (something like that) - is that the another/preferred way to access mbeans remotely (I wouldn't think so as I would be circumventing the mbean server). I am using JBoss 2.4.6 but will be switching to 3.0 next week.