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    jmx-console default domain view

    Sandor M Arpa Newbie

      I was working in the jmx-console. I have an MBean with the following args:

      public void extract(byte state, boolean remove, boolean dumptoscreen, short tableId)

      In the MBean view (JMX-Agent view -> Default Domain -> myMBean) in the list of MBean operations I have the following:

      void dumpRecords()
      Param ParamType ParamValue
      arg0 byte (textfield)
      arg1 boolean True False (radiobuttons)
      arg2 boolean True False (radiobuttons)
      arg3 short (textfield)

      So far so good, but when I try to select the radiobutton in arg2 (previously selected button in arg1) the radiobutton in arg1 gets deselected. So, basically instead of having 2 pair of radiobuttons with True/False attributes and being able to select one button per set I have 4 radiobuttons but only 1 can be selected. This was working fine in JBoss 2.4.4.

      Anybody out there who has come across the same problem? Is it a 3.0.1 Bug? Any suggestion is highly appreciated!