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    Page layout: Drag and Drop?

    Dave Chen Master

      There are a number of dataTable on one page, and allow users to arrange them using DnD. I looked at the richfaces Drag/Drop, but could not figure out how to implement this feature. For example,

      Two columns on one page: column A and B.
      Initially column A has three dataTables (t1, t2, t3) , and B has two dataTables: t4 and t5.

      A | B
      t1 | t4
      t2 | t5
      t3 |

      I hope to drag t5 into column A from column B, and drop it into a space between t2 and t3.

      I do not know how to implement this. If anyone could give me some help/hint, I appreciate it.

      Thanks for your time.