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    Swing JMX GUI supporting JBoss released

    Greg Hinkle Newbie

      Hi all JMX fans. Just wanted to announce the release of a new open source Swing GUI for JMX. The MC4J project, kindly supported by my employer Sapient, is a NetBeans Platform application that utilizes RMI connectors to various JMX servers, including JBoss.

      Some of the features are:
      * Tree view of MBeans, their attributes, operations and notifications
      * Connections to multiple servers
      * Descriptor information for MBeans, attributes and operations
      * Live graphs of numeric MBean attributes
      * The ability to execute operations on MBeans
      * The ability to set attribute values of many common types
      * Support for JBoss and WebLogic application servers and the MX4J JMX implementation

      You can download the first release at: http://mc4j.sourceforge.net/

      This version is still missing a few features, but stop by the project and make recommendations, let us know of bugs or join us! (The project is LGPL)