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    MBeanServerDelegate question

    Michael Klem Newbie

      I am trying to call removeNotificationListener on the MBeanServerDelegate object that is registered in the default MBeanServer.

      My question is how do I do this?
      I can't invoke it since removeNotificationListener is not available in the managment operations.

      I tried creating an MBeanServerDelegate object but it does not return the same getMBeanServerId as the one in the jmx-console.

      I am using JBoss 2.4.4

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            Michael Klem Newbie

            This is what I eneded up using, however, since the MBeanServerDelegate version of the same method just required the listener object to be passed I wanted to it instead. No big deal.

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              that won't work since when you register your listener to an MBean, the server generates its own listener object that is the one actually passed to the MBean.

              (that's how I remember the code anyway, might have changed)

              Which is an interesting point in a way, we end up breaking the direct manipulation of the object because the client can't know the actual listener object.

              At least when you're doing a combo of registering thru server and trying to unregister directly.

              Registering directly and then unregistering directly on the object should work (of course you should not be able to get a direct ref to the delegate object in the first place, so I guess this whole point is moot).