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    POJO API JMX registration

    marc fleury Master

      In the grand AOP scheme of things we need something where we can throw a POJO and a interface and we get back a proxy with client interceptors and server side interceptors. I may not need the JMX infrastructure to do it but I would rather use it.

      I would however need to register objects dynamically to the JMX node through a static call. I need to get back the object. The reason is that I have the object and I just want to get the proxy, I don't want to deal with xml and xmbeans and anything totally at runtime but with indirection on the call.

      I think we need a
      public Object register(Object object, Configuration)....

      where the implementation takes all the "implements" and if configuration is null then we give a default proxy implementation with dynamic proxies and voila AOP by default. You give us a stack of interceptors you get the proxy back.

      Do we have something like that? what is the input in creating mbeans

      marc f

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          Adrian Brock Master

          Excuse my ignorance on AOP :-(

          You would need some XML/xmbean config somewhere.
          Something must define your Aspects.
          If I have a POJO and add Security, there must be an
          implementor of "implements Security".

          JMX gives you decoupling of implementation.
          In principle you can change the Security Aspect without
          having to generate a new proxy.

          Would you register each POJO in JMX or just the
          aspects? I'm thinking they would be handled more
          like entity beans? The identity is passed to the
          aspect's MBean.