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    JMX and UDP server

    Markus Härnvi Newbie


      I'm building a program that will listen to a UDP port and deliver everything it gets to a JMS queue.

      The UDP server is a standalone Java program. Would it be a good idea to build it as a MBean, and start it inside the JBoss Server? I would like to have an integrated solution, and get away from standalone programs outside the application server.

      I'm new to MBeans and JMX. Would this be a JBoss specific solution or can I use the code in other application servers that have support for JMX?

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          Adrian Brock Master

          I'm pretty sure java 1.5 will include jmx in j2se.
          EJB2.1 mandates part of jmx within j2ee for use with JSR77

          Most app servers are moving over to JMX for server
          management, following JBoss's lead.

          You should be ok moving your code to other app servers.

          The best strategy is to write an MBean to the jmx spec. Then control it with another MBean that can take
          advantage of JBoss specifc features like life-cycle,
          hot-deployment, classloaders, etc.
          This is how Jetty is integrated within JBoss.


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            Markus Härnvi Newbie


            Would Jetty be a good example, or is there another, perhaps smaller, that would suite me better as a starting point?