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    New Release of MC4J

    Corby Page Newbie

      Greg Hinkle has released version 1.1 of MC4J, with several nice improvements. If you find JBoss's web-based admin interface somewhat lacking, come check out the future:


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          Thomas Laresch Newbie

          I agree that MC4J does look nice. It is nice
          to be able to navigate the MBeans with a tree.

          However, I would suggest MC4J is not ready to be a replacement for JBoss' jmx-console.

          I found the following issues with MC4J:
          - The operations on the property page for each MBean
          are all grayed out.
          - The operation wizard (gotten by double-clicking an
          op in the file explorer) does not seem to know the number of parms an op needs. Mine needed six, but the wiz only prompted for one.
          - Exceptions from mbean operations are not reported (at least, not where I could see.)
          - The documentation is limited to a brief readme.

          I would be interested in hearing from others if they had the same or different experiences.

          - Tom

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            imad Newbie

            Hi Tom Laresch,

            I agree with you on the documentation which is limited to a brief readme.

            BTW, how is Cranbury?.